Date: 25th January 2017

Music Room
Anteros Arts Foundation
11-15 Fye Bridge St

This Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded network is a joint initiative between the Translating Cultures theme and the Connected Communities programme, and is open to researchers and partners funded under those areas, as well as to the wider academic and music communities. Network leads:

  • Prof Charles Forsdick, Liverpool University
  • Prof Paul Gilroy, King’s College, London
  • Prof George McKay, University of East Anglia.

The network’s programme of activities explores the neglected important popular music, political, religious culture of reggae.

The purpose of this first symposium is to begin scoping the field of research and public engagement activity so we can see where work on reggae is already being undertaken and also to begin to think about research gaps. We have invited a range of speakers, both based in the UK and more internationally, who are talking about and presenting their work on areas including:

  • Current and recent funded research projects on reggae and related areas
  • PhD students introducing their reggae-related research topics
  • Wider public knowledge activity on reggae, including exhibitions
  • Academic researchers presenting their own work in the field.

We aim to carry on the scoping work at our second symposium in Liverpool in May, with other speakers, and where we hope also to hear more from Caribbean-based researchers on reggae. This will also be an opportunity to deepen the dialogue.

A preliminary programme for the day is available here.

Further information

For enquiries please contact Jessica Knights, Connected Communities administrator, University of East Anglia: