This AHRC network is funded from the Translating Cultures theme and the Connected Communities programme, and is open to researchers and partners funded under those areas, as well as to the wider academic and music communities.

The network leads are:

Synergising work from projects in Connected Communities and Translating Cultures on musical transmission and translation, this network and its programme of symposia also extends out to the neglected important popular music, political, religious culture of reggae. It is intended to explore questions of:

  • race & identity
  • poetics, orature & language
  • music & (post-)subculture
  • musicians’ experiences and careers
  • sound and recording techniques
  • the practice of dub, sound system culture
  • politics, Babylon
  • Rastafarianism, faith and religion in music
  • narcotic cultures
  • masculinity and gender
  • related musical forms, from ska and bluebeat to ragga and dancehall
  • white reggae, white Rastas
  • Caribbean and diasporic sonicities
  • anglophone and francophone reggaes
  • transatlantic transmission, reception and refiguration.


Image credit: Notting Hill Carnival 2008. ‘Babylon Police and Jah observer sound system’ by Fabio Venni, CC BY-SA 2.0